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Working with and in the Community: A Panel Discussion about Culturally Competent Approaches

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This course, titled "Working With and In the Community: A Panel Discussion about Culturally Competent Approaches", provides an overview of what cultural competence and cultural humility are, why they are important, and principles to follow when working with communities. The course also features an intriguing panel discussion involving three public health workers working in the St. Louis community. This course is helpful to anyone within the public health workforce, as cultural competence is an essential skill in these times. 

Click the ADD TO CART button below to start or be taken to the course. Target Audience Professionals in the public health or healthcare workforce interested in becoming more culturally competent in their work. Learning Objectives None listed Council of Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (COL)/COL Tier(s) None listed Professional/Disciplinary Competencies None listedFormat Online/ Self-studyCredit /CEU None available Duration 1 hr. Specifications None listedCourse Publication Date June 08, 2020

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