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The Heartland Center for Learning Management (HCLM) is in place strengthen the competence, performance, and capacity of current and future health care, public health, and other workforce leaders and organizations to improve population health and community systems. We accomplish our mission through education and partnerships that contribute to enhanced practice linkages across related health and community sectors.

Please note the following:

  • This current site is for all workforce counties in Missouri. (all courses are free)
  • To go to specific Missouri County sites, click on the appropriate button below. (these sites are also free)
  • NOTE: If you need a certificate from a specific organization, please go to that specific site to ensure we run the correct report and you receive exactly what you need.
  • NOTE: In order to create a new profile, please click “Create Account” at the upper right hand corner of this page and fill in the required prompts.
  • NOTE: If you need a transcript for prior years, email us at [email protected]